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At Peace Realty is a Ministry that exists by sincerely caring about people

 About us

What does that mean…

At Peace Realty is a Ministry and exists by sincerely caring about people. We truly want to nurture the success of your home purchase or sale. At Peace Realty is a Ministry that is here to guide and advise.

We pray that your home buying and selling experience is guided to make an impact that lasts beyond the closing table.

From the moment we connect with you. You can tell we are invested in you. At Peace Realty would like you to be at peace with the whole experience. If you are trying your best to find that ultimate dream home. You may be just trying to get out of the apartment life and are looking forward to the next big step. We can help!

At Peace Realty goes the extra mile

We bless you with negotiated commissions, assisting you with value shattering ideas for your current or future homes.

We hope to guide you and your journey to find that perfect home or lead you thought the process of the sale of your property.

At Peace Realty would like to be your agent for life.

This Mission is part of the At Peace Realty Ministry. With our stellar service we want you to be “at peace” on the real estate side of ever part of this life changing experience in real estate.

At Peace Realty looks forward to helping you get the keys to open the door to the hope and dreams of your future, or turning the keys over so you can build your next dream. All of the should be a peaceful experience with At Peace Realty.

Meet our Team

We hope to guide you and your journey to find that perfect home or lead you thought the process of the sale of your property

Connie Schell
Team Manager
Connie Schell
Team Manager
Connie is the Team Manager of At Peace Realty, brokered by RE/WARD Real Estate. Since 2017, Connie Schell has been a passionate and dedicated Hampton Roads Real Estate Agent within the new construction and resale marketplace. The wife of a military veteran, she understands the importance of deep connections when transitioning to an unknown area with professionals that can be trusted. She values working with community experts and finding the resources needed to make a transition to a new area go smoothly.
As a new force behind At Peace Realty, she takes a team approach to real estate. This ensures that you are getting the best of the best! Buying or selling a home in the Hampton Roads area can be overwhelming. Connie knows this is a deeply personal endeavor for many and strives to provide the full attention and service required. This past year, Connie served over 65 families helping them purchase their desired homes and achieved over $11 million in home sales!
Drew Miller
Drew Miller

Drew is the Owner of At Peace Realty and General Sales Manager of RE/WARD Real Estate. He was the first Realtor at RE/WARD. Drew has over 8 years of experience in the industry which includes a strong mortgage background. He was previously in both office and retail management as well. He takes pride in running his business as a ministry and blessing clients. He is in the office of a Pastor, loves writing and directing theatrical productions. Drew interestingly has an English and Theatre Education degree from ODU in Norfolk although he ultimately decided real estate was the road to take so instead of school teaching, real estate teaching sounded more fun. He also has a heart for giving back to the community so 2% of an agent's commission through At Peace Realty goes to charity! 

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